Law  Consulting

Law Consulting Office  was established in Damascus by Lawyers Fawaz Samdi and Ayman Mohsen and later Mr Mahir Smadi had joined them as a consultant

Since its establishment the office has founded and transferred hundreds of limited and share-holding companies and has provided consultation services and integrated contracts during and after foundation those companies.

It has also participated in establishing the Committee of medicine stores and the Committee of Publishers Union, at the Damascus Chamber of Commerce

The Office has pursued and executed the contracts and legal transactions of the Syrian Syndicates of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The Office has implemented  contracts with the Directorate  and Board of Communications and the Syrian Ministries and Directorate of Information

The Office has had business with several companies such as Akdima of the Arab  League, and the Arab-European  University

Office has also been doing business with several companies having financial or economic nature, such as financial, money transfer and exchange companies; and providing consultation to the banking firms .

The Office has also been doing business with advertising companies such as the private broadcasting stations, the medical and scientific research firms .

our Office has participate in establishing many companies in government & joint such as pharmacy industrial anonymous Do not hesitate to contact us on 00963113316019 -00963113323756 / WhatsApp: 00963997777099

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