Law  Consulting

Foundation and transfer all types of companies, particularly all types of anonymous corporations (Laid for public subscription , closed ,holding  , included  by the investment laws, off sure  and common) limited liability corporations of all kind.

Establishment of all kinds of companies within the free zones inside and outside Syria.

Registration of foreign companies in Syria ensuring the protection of all their rights and patents ; and registration of companies at Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Follow up of all legal, administrative and advisory actions at all government departments and Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Follow up the laws and legislative decrees pertaining to internal and external trade , import and export , and any decrees concerning real estate investments  and tourism; and exemptions involved therein

Establishment and putting interior regulation for new industrial projects within industrial cities and getting benefit of exemptions related .

Conducting economic feasibility studies for the joint projects and companies and make market research for marketing of services and products in cooperation with experts economic and financial analysts

Conducting arbitration among the Syrian companies  ( private or government )   and the foreign companies.

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