Law  Consulting

All legal advice pertaining to development, interpretation and implementation of contracts, and regulations for establishing company.

Explain All queries concerning contracts to which the company is a party in .

Follow up all administrative matters concerning the relationships of the partners with the company.

Follow up of all legal, administrative and advisory actions at all government departments and Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Drafting & Formulating any Correspondence, legal notices and documentations which company will send to others.

Handling any legal problem that may arise through the implementation of the agreements of the company or some of its objectives.

Drafting & Formulating any agreement between  the company and others to implement one of its objectives.

Proceeding matters with the ministries of state as required for the welfare of the  company .

Drafting & Formulating the company internal contracts with workers, staff, employees, distributors and agents.

Follow up all legal matters for the company within the city of Damascus and other Syrian governorates and outside the country when necessary.

Submitting messages, forewarnings and notifications on behalf of the company.

Drafting agreements, agency and other contracts of the company with any other party, whether a natural or legal person, a private or a government corporation.

Conducting all transactions pertaining to property and patents Protection inside Syria at the ministry of economy and directorate of property and pursuing this matters inside or outside Syria .

The company is a part of inside Syrian Arab Republic and abroad at all courts tribunals and arbitration bodies, in all degrees of litigation, as well as executing all degrees of decision.

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